Scientists Finally Discovers The Secret Ingredient Potent For 

Crushing Prostate Enlargement (BPH)...And…How to Get Rid of It The Fastest Way Possible

This is so effective, it has been approved by NAFDAC

Dear Friend,

Do you currently experience:
– Increased urination.
– Extreme Pains while urinating.
– Difficulty in initiating urination.
– Dribbling after urination.
– Weak and interrupted urine stream.
– Inability to empty the bladder during urination.
– Blood in the urine.
– Reduced Sexual Performance.

These are all signs that you are suffering from Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH), also called Prostate Gland Enlargement.

Prostate enlargement disorder is the increase in size of the prostate such that it blocks the flow of urine through the urethra.

The prostate gland happens to surround the urethra which is the tube through which urine flows out of the body.

As men grow, the prostate enlarges. But when it becomes too enlarged, it results to what is known as Benign prostatic hyperplasia(BPH).

Prostate Enlargement almost makes living life from mid forties (40s) miserable…

If not treated on time, prostate problem can lead to other complications such as blockage of urine flow which in turn clog your kidneys with urine.

In such cases, it can develop into chronic kidney disease, kidney damage or infection, and bladder damage.

Unfortunately, many men don't worry when the symptoms appear and certainly wouldn't take it seriously, until it becomes life threatening.

This is dangerous....

However, the good news is, that doesn't have to be the case anymore…

Not with advance in research that has brought in a rare remedy.

And in this page… I'll reveal this solution of:

How You Can Crush and Normalize Prostate Enlargement (BPH) and say a complete bye bye to every of it's symptoms and complications and live your life without embarrassments.
At this point, I'll advise you shut every form of distraction, because just a few medical practitioners know about this solution.

(But for those that are already know, they have made their only recommendation… problem is, you won't find it easily.)

Truth be told…

It can be embarrassing… Really embarrassing;

  • ✓ Having to run from the midst of people, just to empty your bladder.
  • ✓ Having the urge to urinate and little or none comes out.
  • ✓ The fear of going out on occasions/functions because of the humiliating inability to stop urine dribbles.
  • ✓ The lack of confidence to have meaningful conversation with people without having to excuse yourself frequently.
  • ✓ The frequent urination obstruction and the back pains that appears unbearable.

But hey, The good news is that the case is reversible.

And I'll show you how in a minute…But first… See this below

You see…

Gone are the days when prostate enlargement disorder was a prevalent case in men from the age of 60…

But right now, according to a recent research by Cleveland research institute, it says about 36% experience it from their mid forties.

Which means the prevalence has shifted to men right in their 40s.

And to show how true that is, there are at least 15 men who have reached out personally to me who struggled with it in their 40s… The closest been me myself

Don't be shocked… "It has become abnormally normal"

Many things like one's lifestyle contributes to it, but may not be entirely because of it… e.g drinking, smoking etc

As for me, I was in this shoe for 8 months before I found solution to it.

And this is how I overcame it after 8months of continuous struggle…

I'm Frank by name…It all began with frequent urination…

Having to visit the toilet frequently, it wasn't so obvious at first, because I felt it was my intake of drinks that was causing it….

But I noticed it grew worse, as it was been accompanied with sharp pains when urinating…

So, I had to go visit a doctor… After series of test, he prescribed some medications…

The pains reduced, but not the urination, so I thought to give it time…

But I realized, instead of it improving, it grew worse and worse.

I began to see streams of blood in my urine, At this point, I became really agitated and began to look for answers everywhere possible.

I started reading about it online and looking for effective medications…

I thought of surgery, but after reading some of the risks that accompanies surgery, I became even more scared to do surgery… I'm not sure I was ready to thread the path.

So, I kept looking for viable alternatives, which led me to going for medications upon medications that left me frustrated.

Because, it was obvious none was working. At this point, I was gradually deteriorating, having a straight sleep at night became like a tug of war, day time was filled with painful experiences as well.

The most embarrassing and the miracle day of my life happened when I went for a wedding function… It was a wedding I couldn't waive with the promise of cautioning any intake.

Along the line, I felt pressed, so I decided to go to restroom.

And Just before I could get to the restroom, in the midst of people, I was literally wet. My trousers soaked in my own urine.

I was so pained and embarrassed… My confidence all gone.

That day I just wished the ground could just swallow me up alive, I couldn't pass without my head's bowed, it was so painful… An experience I can never forget.

It was in the midst of all of this that a friend to my kid sister noticed what was up and recommended to my sister Xtreme Prostate Crusher… she claimed her cousin had such disorder and now he's fine.

I was really skeptical at first…

But at this point, I was desperate for answers, I can't live life that anymore.

I decided to give it a try… And in 23 days, I began to see changes…

And in about 40days, I realized it was all back to normal.

●No urine dribble again

●No more blood in urine

●No more urgency to urinate any longer

Yes… I was back

My confidence magically restored…

I was glad and shocked at the same time.

Glad… because it was all gone.

But shocked at how effective it was and not popular for many in this situation to get the solution…

Why will there be something this effective and it seems nobody is talking about it?

I believe there are tons of people in this same case of mine who are ready to make it stop.

Hence my resolve to show you what has worked for me and to the over 63 persons who have used this product.

 Xtreme Prostate Crusher

Xtreme prostate crusher is a herbal capsule and tea clinically formulated and fully approved by NAFDAC to detoxify prostate health, support urinary tract and normalize prostate cell growth.

It contains natural herbal ingredients like… Serena repens, prunus africana, zingiber oficianale, curcuma long, Piper nigrum.

Piper nigrum mixed with saw palmetto can totally reverse an enlarged prostate andmake you stop the frequent urination.

It comes in capsule and tea form…

All you have to do is…

●Take 2 capsules in the morning and 2 capsules in the evening after meal
●Take the tea once daily, it could morning or at night

And you see...Just by getting and using this according to specification… it'll completely...

√ Restore enlarged your prostate back to its original size

√ Stop the frequent urination & urinary dribbling

√ Reduce the prostate glands to normal size

√ Cure erectile dysfunction including weak erection, quick ejaculation, low sexual drive etc.

√ Improve your sexual performance 100% so you get back to been the man even on bed

√ Maintain your prostate healthy functioning and prevent prostate enlargement

If you are suffering from Prostate Enlargement / BPH (Benign Prostate Hyperplasia),

you DON’T want this to happen to you

Or Worst still..... YOU DO NOT want a Prostatectomy SURGERY.


From my story, it's obvious I found my answer the hard and painful way after wasting time, resources and my health…

But you've got the opportunity to beat all of that right now with this Xtreme prostate crusher.

This is exactly what you need to tell the prostate disorder a final goodbye.

Believe me when I tell you this…

Surgery isn't the way, trial and error won't do you any good either…

...and I think you're smart enough to gamble your well being with trial and error.

See more proofs here...

What's it gonna be…

Would you rather continue living your life in continuous pain and shame…

Or put a stop to;

¶ Those frequent urination at night and during the day

¶ Blood in the urine

¶ Sharp pain during urination

And Enjoy

¶ Normal functioning of your prostate organ

Better sex life free from prostate disorder than you ever had in a longer time

¶ Confidently attend occasions and functions as you please without fear

Sound sleep than you've enjoyed in the past months.

Xtreme Prostate Crusher is here for you... WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

100% Money back Guarantee

You see, the only guarantee that'll make sense to you isn't money refund… it's getting your prostate enlargement disorder back in shape.

But still, I understand there could still be some skepticism… Hence the reason for the 100% money back guarantee.

Even if my case was an exception, how about the 63 persons who have also used it and recommending it to people.

That can't be coincidence, it means it actually works.

That’s why I’m offering hands to the chest 30-day money-back guarantee.

I can guarantee your satisfaction with this Xtreme Prostate Crusher tea and capsule …

And of course, if you’re not happy with Xtreme prostate crusher, I will refund your money within 30 days of your purchase.

But this is the sad news

Because of how much of demand this is getting than the supply, I can only ascertain of the 50 packs with me.

So if tomorrow, you realize this page is down, know that we are at stock at the moment and waiting for a restock.


It’ll take just N25,000 or N40,000 or N63,000
to get either the Regular or Silver Plan or The Gold Treatment plan of this magical solution



BUY 1, SAVE 25%







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BUY 3, SAVE 30%





Warning: Please do not place order if you don't have the correct amount of the package you're going for.



Here are some Frequently Asked Questions

I have used several products. How am I sure this will work?

We have been able to collect reviews from 63 men who used this product. We have shown you the testimonials of some of them. Some did not allow us show their faces (and we totally understand). All these men cannot be wrong. If it can work for 63 Nigerians, then it is not trial and error.

What are the side effects of the Xtreme Prostate Crusher?

The Xtreme Prostate Crusher is made from natural and herbal ingredients. There are no chemical components in this medication. Hence, they are safe, with no side effects reported in any patient till date.

How long before I start seeing results?

While the body systems of individuals differ, we have noticed improvement in our patients from 72 hours of treatment. Results improve overtime, from one to two weeks.

How many bottles will I need to buy?

We always encourage our patients to go for 2 bottles. The results will determine your next line of action. However, most patients get permanent prostate enlargement reversals after 3 to 4 bottles. This doesn't mean you cannot start with one bottle. If you want to try the product, then start with one bottle. You will notice great changes when you start using Xtreme Prostate Crusher.

Will I pay for delivery?

Because we love you and we care for you, the delivery fee is on us. We deliver for free nationwide.

How long before I receive my order?

We have done a lot to ensure you receive your order within 24 hours if you are in the city center. However, if you are in a local government that is far from the state capital, it may take 24 to 48 hours sometimes.

What is the guarantee that this product will work?

The best guarantee you can have is that your enlarged prostate will return to normal. We understand that you might not be really concerned about the money, but the time wasted if this product doesn't work for you. That is why we are giving you a 100% money back guarantee. If after using the xtreme prostate crusher, and your enlarged prostate doesn't return to normal, we will refund you 100%, no questions asked. We are so confident you will get tremendous results, that is why we can give such guarantee.